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Why a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) is the Best Choice for Rolling Over Your 401(k) After a Layoff

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Why a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) is the Best Choice for Rolling Over Your 401(k) After a Layoff
Why a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) is the Best Choice for Rolling Over Your 401(k) After a Layoff

Losing a job can be a stressful and uncertain time. One of the financial concerns that often arise during such periods is what to do with your 401(k) from your former employer. While there are several options available, we at Barry Corp firmly believe that a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) can be an excellent choice for rolling over your 401(k). In this article, we will discuss the benefits of FIAs and the shortcomings of 401(k) plans, providing you with a compelling case for why you should consider this option when transitioning your retirement savings.

The Pros of Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIAs):

  1. Guaranteed Income Stream: One of the key advantages of FIAs is that they provide a guaranteed income stream for life. This can be especially appealing for individuals who are concerned about outliving their retirement savings. FIAs allow you to receive regular payments, offering financial security throughout your retirement.

  2. Protection from Market Volatility: FIAs provide protection from market downturns, making them an attractive option for those who want to shield their savings from the ups and downs of the stock market. Your principal is guaranteed, and you have the opportunity to earn interest based on the performance of a selected market index.

  3. Tax Benefits: FIA earnings grow tax-deferred, which means you won't owe taxes on your gains until you withdraw funds. This can lead to significant tax savings over time and is particularly advantageous for those in higher tax brackets.

  4. Diverse Investment Options: Many FIAs offer a range of indexed strategies, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your financial goals and risk tolerance. You can select an index that mirrors the market or opt for strategies with various levels of participation in market gains.

  5. Liquidity Options: Most FIAs provide penalty-free withdrawals for emergencies or specific life events. Some even offer a waiver of surrender charges if you face a qualifying event such as a terminal illness diagnosis.

  6. Death Benefit: FIAs often come with a death benefit, which ensures that any remaining funds pass to your beneficiaries in the event of your passing, providing a level of financial security for your loved ones.

The Cons and Shortcomings of 401(k) Plans:

  • Market Risk: Traditional 401(k) plans are subject to market fluctuations, which means the value of your investments can be significantly impacted by economic conditions. This can lead to substantial losses, especially during a market downturn.

  • Lack of Guaranteed Income: 401(k) plans do not offer guaranteed income. When you retire, you must rely on your investment returns to fund your retirement, which can be unpredictable and lead to concerns about running out of money in your later years.

  • Limited Investment Control: While 401(k) plans provide investment options, they typically offer a limited selection of mutual funds and may not provide the flexibility to tailor your investments to your specific needs and risk tolerance.

  • Tax Consequences: Traditional 401(k) withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income, which can lead to a higher tax burden in retirement, especially for those in higher income brackets.

  • Fees: 401(k) plans can come with high fees, including administrative and management fees, which can eat into your retirement savings over time.


In conclusion, the decision to roll over your 401(k) after a layoff is a crucial financial step, and opting for a Fixed Indexed Annuity can offer numerous advantages over the traditional 401(k) plan. The guaranteed income, protection from market volatility, tax benefits, and other features make FIAs an attractive choice for securing your retirement. If you're interested in exploring the possibility of rolling over your 401(k) into a Fixed Indexed Annuity, we encourage you to reach out to Barry Corp for a consultation. Our financial experts can help structure your rollover to maximize your retirement savings and provide you with peace of mind during your golden years.


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